Sustainably sourced to protect workers and dedicated to conserving our wild world.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Water Resistant

Shock Resistant

Lifetime Warranty

Grease Resistant

Dirt Resistant




Sharp Color


Low Light


The WiseEye Monocular and smartphone kit is awesome! It is so clear and fits in my pocket for birdwatching and seeing close up when I am hiking and backpacking. My husband loves it for spotting while hunting. I love how the company is so committed to protecting the environment. The entire unboxing experience is amazing. This company clearly curates every experience and does not forget even one detail. You will be impressed when you receive the package and open the box!!! You´re in for a surprise. Beautiful!!!

Marin - San Diego, CA

The Owló Story

Owló is for nature-lovers. Like you, we cherish the outdoors. Concern for protecting workers and conserving our wild world led to the birth of an authentic American outdoor goods company. The vision is two-fold. First, to protect workers, and second to slow harmful change through conservation of wildlife and the habitats they call home.

We support sustainable business, insist manufacturers improve working conditions, and give generously to conservation. As a fierce protector and wise watcher of the wild world, the owl embodies the spirit that keeps our focus on the wild. We hope you will join our cause!