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Wild Focus

What is a Wild Focus? Many outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers want to protect the wild world they enjoy in their leisure time. Some actively engage in work to protect the environment. Most want to avoid harming the earth the creatures that live there⸺including humans⸺and the habits they call home. However, many people simply do not know how to make those choices or do not have better options. It is what experts call a wicked problem. A Wild Focus has several interlocking aspects.

First, it is focused on our passion for the natural world and all the beauty it offers. Next, it respects our wants and needs for consumer goods and services, particularly those that help us enjoy our passion for the natural world. Then, it leverages our ability to us our money⸺our buying power⸺on goods that align with our passions and concerns. A Wild Focus puts all of these elements together to protect the creatures that live on earth, including humankind, and the habitats we depend upon for life.

Owló was born from such a wild focus. It is a social enterprise dedicated to social good over mere profits that drive typical business. Instead, Owló seeks to find ways to create value for people by meeting their wants and needs with quality products. That is no different than many companies. What sets Owló apart is that Owló gives back and joins with those who buy its products to partner in the cause of protecting wildlife and habitats. Next, Owló does not neglect the human element of the natural world and that humans must coexist within the natural world. Owló not only fights to protect wildlife and habitats but also workers’ needs which must remain in tension with environmental concerns. 

Our Focus on the Wild is a movement we are creating. It is a movement to change the ecosystem in which businesses, workers, wildlife, habitats, and consumers live. It begins with changing the way business is done. This happens because the first priority of Owló is not on how owners can profit, but how everyone in the shared ecosystem can profit without harming other members of the ecosystem.

So how is this done? It is more than giving a percentage of profits from every product to conservation causes, but that is an important component. It goes a step further by advocating for workers’ rights and green business by both doing business with good companies and bad companies. Owló is able to partner with suppliers who need to work to become more sustainable by improving working conditions or environmental practices. By doing so, Owló can leverage its buying power on behalf of customers to pressure bad companies to begin changing their practices. This is at the core of how Owló is Focused on The Wild so you don´t have to be when purchasing products from Owló.

Finally, Owló focuses the attention of those who share our passion through our social and online voice by sharing about three vital topics. These topics are a Focus on Conservation, Top spots where nature-enthusiasts may celebrate their passion while perhaps learning more about having a wild focus, and Spotters´ Guide that points a spotlight on sustainable outdoor goods and their uses.

In this first of our monthly columns, we will start by sharing more about the Northern Spotted Owl and its threatened habitat in our Focus on Conservation. In Top Spots, we will share eleven wonderful spots to visit this autumn. For the last article of the month, we will explore the relatively new technology of digiscoping and share how amateurs and conservationists both benefit from this technology in our Spotters´ Guide.




Wild Focus

What is a Wild Focus? Many outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers

All About Owls

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Spots to Visit

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